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4G Wimax & LTE Fixed-Wireless Internet

1 year term = $199 Install
2 year term = $99 Install
Add Home Phone for Only $20/mth
$10 discount for 1st 3 months on all LTE Packages

Call 1-855-500-7229 for Availability.

  5Mbps 10Mbps 25Mbps
Reg. Price $64.99 $74.99 $109.99
Download Speed 5Mbps 10Mbps 25Mbps
Upload Speed 1Mbps
Monthly Allowance 50GB 200GB 500GB
Overage Limited State LS/UBB LS/UBB

No Matter Where You Live, Or How Remote Your Location Is...We Can Offer You

4G Satellite Internet

1 Year Term = $299 Instal
2 Year Term = $199 Install
$15 Discount for 1st 2 Months
Add Home Phone for Only $20/mth

  Xplore5/10 Xplore5/25 Xplore10/50 Xplore10/75 Xplore25/100 Xplore25/150 Xplore25/200 Xplore25/4/100 Xplore25/4/150 Xplore25/4/200
Reg. Price $49.99 $64.99 $74.99 $84.99 $99.99 $149.99 $199.99 $124.99 $174.99 $224.99
Download Speed 5Mbps 10Mbps 25Mbps
Upload Speed 1Mbps 4Mbps
Monthly Allowance 10GB 25GB 50GB 75GB 100GB 150GB 200GB 100GB 150GB 200GB
Overage No Charges - Limited State *
Optional UBB $2/GB

Speeds listed are the maximums

Not In our LTE Signal Area?
Not Allowed to Install Satellite Dish at Your Residence or Trailer Park?
Check out UWN.COM/RAAY

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